TMA currently has about 1,800 men clients and 1,800 women clients. In order to maximize the chances of success for both our men and women clients, we make sure that the ratio of men to women clients never falls seriously out of balance. We do this by adjusting the amount of advertising directed at men or women.

Your chances of marrying a Japanese woman depend on how attractive the women find you and the life you can offer them. For this reason, we suggest you send a good photo of yourself and do a careful job filling out your profile form. Please try to avoid photos that make you look intimidating, unfriendly, angry, goofy, depressed, or undignified. (See our Guidelines for Effective Profile Writing and Photo Submission for some important tips that may help improve your chances.)

Yes. TMA has seen many instances of men who were "below average" who succeeded in spite of initial low expectations. Physical attractiveness is only one thing the women look at. They'll also look at all the information on your profile as well as your personality. Once you've contacted a woman, it's up to you to convince her you're a good man she should consider marrying.

This varies greatly from client to client. Sometimes the initial contacts take place very quickly. At other times, it takes a moderate or longer time to make a contact. It depends, again, on how attractive the women find you, but is also greatly affected by the way in which you approach them, as well as your requirements for the women. If you are too demanding, it'll often take longer to start a serious relationship, so we suggest you request to contact as many women as possible in order to maximize your chances of contacting them as quickly as possible.

We guarantee to provide the profile mailing and request services described in our brochure and on our website, but we cannot guarantee that you'll succeed in finding a marriage partner. Success at that depends on many factors beyond our control. For example, it depends on how attractive the women find you and on your ability to form a relationship that will lead to marriage. It also depends on how demanding you are insofar as the characteristics and age of the woman are concerned. Since TMA has no control over those things, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee.

No. Unlike many marriage agencies which tack on a large additional fee if you succeed, TMA charges nothing extra. This means you don't even have to inform us of your success (and many clients don't) and it also means that there'll be no "post-success" conflicts over money between TMA and our clients. However, if you do succeed, we'd certainly appreciate it if you'd recommend us to others.

Not at all. There are many other TMA women clients whose profiles don't appear on our site. The profiles you see on our site are just a small sampling of our women clients. Over 90% of TMA clients prefer NOT to have their profiles publicly posted. The women whoseJapanese Lady profiles you see on our site have given us permission to post their profiles. To receive the paper profiles and photos of women who don't appear on our site, it's necessary to become a TMA client. (You also have the option of receiving their profiles by email as pdf files.)

Yes, they'll come to see you, in most instances. The Japanese women clients who join TMA are specifically interested in meeting and marrying men from overseas. In this way, they aren't typical Japanese women. Many of them travel overseas frequently for vacation and business purposes. They use TMA to make contacts with men who they look forward to meeting while overseas. This doesn't mean, necessarily, that they'll agree to settle overseas. About half of them want to live overseas, and the other half want you to come and live in Japan with them. If your ideas on this conflict, you may be able to convince her to see it your way, or she may be able to convince you to see it her way. Failing that, you'll have to give up the relationship and look for someone else.

No, we don't. It's up to you and your potential marriage partner to agree on the time and place to meet. In order to keep our fees low, TMA doesn't get involved in the details of how and when our men and women clients meet.

We may very well be able to do that, provided your profile and photo(s) are interesting to our lady clients. (So, we advise you to read our guidelines here.) If your profile is well done, and if you give us one month's notice, we'll email an announcement to hundreds of our women clients announcing when and where you'll be in Japan. The response you get depends on how attractive the women find you. TMA has had great success with this method and you also may benefit from it, if you'll take the time to create a well-written profile with up to 3 photos on it.

As for where to meet a lady once you're in Japan, offer to take her to a cafe or restaurant of her choice.

TMA has never had a single fake woman in all our years of operating since 1994. Our women clients pay significant fees which no scammer would dare part with. TMA's registration materials for women are all in Japanese -- imagine the difficulties this creates for scammers, almost all of whom are from outside Japan. Our women clients also submit detailed information about themselves and sign a contract affirming its truthfulness. We have photos of all our women clients, and we are in frequent contact with them by email, phone, postal mail, and on the web. We have their home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and dates of birth.

Japanese women are not poor. The Japanese as a whole are very honest people. They aren't like the many scammers from Russia and various poor countries. The economic and social conditions that exist in those countries simply are not present in Japan. Our Japanese women join for one reason -- to find a marriage partner. They are not economic basket cases desperate for a Sugar Daddy. There is virtually no possibility that any of our women clients would ever try to scam you.
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