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Japanese Women Seeking Men for Marriage

       Japanese bride 1973 - 1977


Name Age Born Occupation
Aki 1977 Financial
Rieko 1977 Medicine/Healthcare(Global Health)/Law/Education
Mieko 1977 Employee for multinational company
Megumi 1977 Administrative assistant
Tsugumi 1977 I work at the window of the post office
Ryoko 1977 Marketing
Misato 1977 Nursing Care
Masako 1977 Secretary
Yoko 1977 Salon Operator
Takue 1977 Accountant
Sachiko 1977 Doctor
Yoshie 1977 Office Worker
Saori 1976 Counselor at beauty clinic
Megumi 1976 Confectioner
Makiko 1976 Nursing care
Hiroe 1976 Railroad company
Keiko 1976 Stock Brokerage Firm
Hiromi 1976 Teacher
Akiko 1976 Pharmacist
Shinobu 1976 Office Worker
Miki 1976 Travel Agent
Megumi 1976 Teacher
Harumi 1976 Tour conductor
Ako 1976 Sado (Japanese tea ceremony) Kado (Japanese flower arrangement) Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) Open school at home
Sugayo 1976 Office Clerk
Sachiko 1976 I.T.
Megumi 1976 Real Estate Agency
Yoshiko 1976 Secretary
Yasue 1976 Nurse
Hiroko 1976 IT company (Customer Service / Sales Operations)
Nanami 1976 Support research worker in development
Kayo 1975 IT
Satomi 1975 Nursing Assistant
Mika 1975 Finance-related
Rika 1975 Physician
Tomoko 1975 Office Worker (at the bank)
Akiko 1975 Company employee
Chikako 1975 Secretary
Sakurako 4 1975 Beautician
Rika 1975 Sales support
Kyoko 1975 Nurse, Aesthetician
Yuriko 1975 Public health nurse
Mariko 1975 Clerical work
Miki 1975 Apparel
Asaki 1974 Translator
Hiromi 1974 Desk work at a Trading Company
Harumi 1974 Accountant
Mariko 1974 Consulting
Yumiko 1974 Nurse
Keiko 1974 Clinical Engineer
Atsuko 1974 Banker
Naoko 1974 Sales Administrator
Sachiko 1974 PR and communication
Kazuko 1974 Translation Coordinator
Tomoko 1974 Women's shoe sales
Yuko 1974 Teacher
Kumiko 1973 Sales clerk of confectioneries at a department store
Miyabi 1973 Harpist & harp teacher, Music therapist, Psychology counselor
Kanae 1973 Office worker
Megumi 1973 Office worker
Megumi 1973 Administrator
Naomi 1973 Part-time
Megumi 1973 Office Worker
Rika 1973 Not currently working
Miki 1973 English teacher
Shiho 1973 Clerical work
Emi 1973 Travel Agency
Yuki 1973 Office worker
Miki 1973 Office worker (planning and product design)
Eriko 1973 Teaching English
Nozomi 1973 Office worker at a company
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