1978 - 1982

Japanese Women Seeking Men for Marriage

Name Age Born Occupation
Miki 1982 Administrator
Asami 1982 Graphic Designer
Kaoru 1982 Handicapped support
Yuka 1982 Sales clerk at a shop in a hospital
Sharla 1982 Psychology
Yuka 1982 Working at a shop in a hospital
Satoko 1982 Office clerk
Hitomi 1982 Librarian
Saori 1982 Software developer for online banking system
Kumiko 1982 Consultant
Midori 1981 Medical Doctor
Eri 1981 Food developer
Kaori 1981 Officer at Bank
Yuko 1981 Accounting
Haruyo 1982 Nurse
Eri 1981 International Sales (Distribution Management)
Chie 1981 Office Worker
Rieko 1981 Beautician, styling and makeup
Yuko 1981 Office clerk
Megumi 1981 Office worker (sales and marketing assistant)
Ai 1980 Registered nurse / Public health nurse
Rie 1980 Singer, Song writer, IT consultant
Chisato 1980 Accountant and Translator
Mariko 1980 Real Estate Broker
Mari 1980 Teacher (Law)
Ami 1980 Reception desk in the apartment gallery
Yukari 1980 Nurse
Shizuka 1980 English & Japanese teacher
Taeko 1980 Office worker
Haruka 1980 Looking for a job
Ayaka 1980 Clerical work
Noriko 1979 Export Administration
Ayano 1979 Office work
Setsuko 1979 Massage Therapist, Personal Colour Adviser, Personal Stylist
Yuko 1979 Office clerk
Noriko 1979 Teacher
Yuiko 1979 Employee
Yuko 1979 Office Clerk
Mikako 1979 International trainer at French cosmetic company
Yoko 1979 Office worker
Kimiko 1979 Trading company desk clerk
Mariko 1979 Traffic company
Saori 1978 President & CEO
Hatsumi 1978 Desk worker
Chika 1978 Sales in Automotive Spare parts
Hiroko 1978 Graphic designer
Tomoko 1978 Office worker
Wakako 1978 Manicurist (nail artist)
Fumiyo 1978 Office worker at an esthetic company
Anri 1978 Office clerk
Mayumi 1978 Copy writer
Tomoko 1978 Dental Hygienist
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