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“This is Martin from Germany. I don't know if you can remember me or not, I am a Free Member now and we have talked before several times. I found my perfect match even after a short time, so with this email I wanna ask you to please cancel my membership completly and take me off your website. Her name is Sayuri and I think she will contact you very soon as well to cancel her membership. We met and we are planning to marry next year. I even met her family already and I am happier than I thought I could ever be. I really have to appreciate to TMA and say thank you for such great and nice matching service and even it was free for me. I paid nothing but got treated so nice. I already recommended you several times!”  Martin & Sayuri, Germany

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Japanese Women Seeking Men for Marriage

       Japanese bride 1969 - Below


Name Age Born Occupation
Chieko 1969 Nurse assistant
Yuko 1969 Office Worker
Noriko 1969 Nurse
Sally 1969 Sales
Chieko 1969 President
Kanae 1969 Chief secretary for CPAs
Yumi 1968 Working night shifts as a care worker at a nursing home What year did you start the job? 2020
Saori 1968 Doctor's Clerk
Ayumi 1968 Web designer, Instructor
Minako 1968 Human resources company
Naoko 1968 Secretary
Hiroko 1967 Sales clerk of a food distribution company
Mik 1967 HR and administration
Sayuri 1967 Therapist (Aesthetics, aromatherapy, color, stone)
Miki 1967 Inventory Analyst
Megumi 1967 Working at a place that serves food & drinks
Keiko 1967 (undisclosed)
Mayumi 1966 Accounting
Maiko 1966 Counseling
Mika 1966 Teacher (Lecturer at a vocational school)
Junko 1965 Dental assistant
Takako 1965 I do office work at a general post office
Yoshimi 1965 Employee
Yumiko 1965 Tutor (English Teacher)
Takako 1964 Dance & Yoga Studio Manager / Dance Teacher
Keiko 1964 Illustrator
Hiromi 1964 Marketing and sales
Yoshiko 1963 Manager at a public-service corporation
Miki 1963 Part-time job
Masae 1963 Medical processor
Takayo 1963 Secretary
Miho 1963 Office worker
Noriko 1962 Temp office worker
Ritsuko 1962 Office work
Yasuko 1961 Engineer ( IT related )
Fumiko 1961 Financial Advisor
Yoko 1961 Working at a preparatory school
Kiyomi 1961 Small Business Owner
Satsuki 1961 Clerical work, Renting a room of an apartment
Atsuko 1960 Teacher (Child education)
Michiyo 1960 Writer (geoscience, healing)
Hisano 1960 Pharmacist
Naomi 1959 Office worker at clothing company
Sakiko 1958 Private Operation
Masami 1958 Physician
Sakiko 1958 Private operation
Hidemi 1957 Copywriter
Etsuko 1955 Nurse
Kiyomi 1954 Real estate
Ikuko 1953 Teaching English to kids
Yoshien 1953 Trading business
Junko 1953 University Professor
Keiko 1951 Desk business
Kazuko 1951 Data Entry
Shinobu 1947 Midwife, NS
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