Guidelines for Profile & Photo Submission

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What TMA is not...

TMA is not an online dating site where members log in and send each other messages.  TMA is not a dating or escort service where contacts with women can be made on short notice.  TMA is not a site where just any man can purchase the contact information of any woman who interests him.  The woman must see the man's profile and authorize release of her contact information to him before he can receive it.

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Guidelines for Effective Profile Writing & Photo Submission

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Our Pledge to Honesty
We cannot guarantee success, but we can promise to deal with you honestly. Your success depends entirely on how attractive the women find you. You may not be attracted to some of the women whose profiles you receive, but among those you do find attractive may be the girl of your dreams, and she will make the whole effort well worth your while

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Web Profile Posting

No man's profile will appear on the TMA website without permission from the man.  TMA is a postal mail & email based matchmaking system.  We distribute your profile discreetly by postal mail and by email (as a PDF file) so it's not necessary for your profile to appear on the TMA website.

Regarding the written content of your profile:


1. First and foremost, BE TRUTHFUL. If you deliberately lie or omit important information, the legal and other consequences to you can be severe. The Japanese respect honesty and have great contempt for liars and cheaters. If there's anything in your background that might make you unsuitable as a marriage partner, you MUST DISCLOSE that information after the question "Is there anything about you which your future spouse would want to know before becoming involved with you?"  If you are married, DO NOT pose as unmarried because that would be fraud, which is a criminal act.

2. Use simple, easy to understand English. The English ability of Japanese women is limited, so don't write as though you were writing for other native speakers. Avoid advanced words, slang, jargon, idioms and hard-to-grasp or culture-specific expressions. Don't be cute, clever, or funny because you'll just be misunderstood. Answer the questions sincerely so that the women can get an accurate idea of who you are and what you're like.

3. Be concise. Restrict your answers to a maximum of 500 words (250 is ideal). TMA profiles are only a page long. If you write more than that, we reserve the right to edit out parts of your profile in order to bring it down to an acceptable length. Reserve long and wordy communications for later, after you've made contact with one or more ladies.


4. Describe YOURSELF, not the person you are looking for. Other services may encourage people to use their profile to describe the type of partner they are looking for, but we don't think that's a good idea. Your profile should describe YOU. We address the question of your preferences for the woman by sending you a lot of profiles from which you choose the ones that interest you. We do not address that question by having you spell out on your profile the characteristics of the woman you are looking for, because you'll immediately be ruling out and disqualifying lots of women who might otherwise actually interest you.  Those disqualified women will then be unlikely to respond to your profile.


5. ROMANCE the woman.  A woman wants to be courted and made to feel like lady.  She doesn't want to feel as though she's answering a job application, and your profile should not read like one.  Make her feel appreciated and don't lay down demands and expectations for how she should be.  If, after communicating with her for a while, you feel she's not the one you're looking for, gently inform her that, although she's a nice person, she's not exactly your type.  Let her down easy, if you must.

Regarding the photo(s) you submit for your profile:


The photo(s) on your profile are critical to your chances of success, so please send at least two good ones.  We prefer if you send 3 to 10 photos so that we can choose the best 3 for your profile.

Take special care when submitting your photo(s). Try to avoid sending photos that are blurry or have poor contrast on the face, poor detail or low resolution. If you send a bad photo, the women will get a bad impression of you when they compare your photo to those of other men.

Avoid photos that make you look intimidating, unfriendly, angry, sour-faced, goofy, depressed, bored, weird, unmanly or undignified. Please try to avoid photos with sunglasses or anything else that partially hides the face because the women will think you're trying to hide. Please don't send shirtless photos or photos in which you're wearing shabby or dirty-looking clothing. Do your best to make a good impression!

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