TMA Limited-Option Free Service

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What TMA is not...

TMA is not an online dating site where members log in and send each other messages.  TMA is not a dating or escort service where contacts with women can be made on short notice.  TMA is not a site where just any man can purchase the contact information of any woman who interests him.  The woman must see the man's profile and authorize release of her contact information to him before he can receive it.

TMA is now offering a free service for a limited time only. Although this service isn't as complete as our paid service, Japanese women will still be able to contact you using this method.

Due to the large number of applications we receive for this free service, it's not possible to process them all. So, only the most qualified candidates are guaranteed acceptance. If you feel very confident the women will find you attractive, don't hesitate to apply for the free service. However, if you want to be guaranteed acceptance and receive monthly mailings, a paid membership is necessary.

To apply for TMA's free service, click here.  Please do a good job on your profile and send a good photo. If you allow TMA to post your profile on our website, your chances of success might be higher. If you're accepted, we'll notify you by email or by postal mail. (Due to time constraints, candidates who aren't accepted may not be notified of non-acceptance.)

Unlike our paid service, acceptance as a free client isn't guaranteed and you won't be sent a monthly set of women's profiles. The women will receive your profile, but you'll only hear from them if one or more of them want to contact you. Free clients will only receive contacts and profiles from women who are interested in them. Free clients will have no opportunity to see the wide selection of women's profiles that paid men clients receive. But, free clients have the option of upgrading to paid memberships at any time.

Click here to apply for a free membership!

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