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What TMA is not...

TMA is not an online dating site where members log in and send each other messages.  TMA is not a dating or escort service where contacts with women can be made on short notice.  TMA is not a site where just any man can purchase the contact information of any woman who interests him.  The woman must see the man's profile and authorize release of her contact information to him before he can receive it.

Web Profile Posting

No man's profile will appear on the TMA website without permission from the man.  TMA is a postal mail & email based matchmaking system.  We distribute your profile discreetly by postal mail and by email (as a PDF file) so it's not necessary for your profile to appear on the TMA website.

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Success Story

“I want TMA to know about us. We went on travelling from Japan to Italy and back for several months during main holidays. We've been meeting each other ever since, and we had a great relationship from the beginning. Now she's here, in Italy and she's learning Italian hoping for a good job too. Probably we'll get married next year, if everything will be good for us, as we really believe. We wanna thank you and TMA very much for the chance You gave us. It's been a good choice for us to know about TMA. I hope You'll go on offering chances to everybody who will need.”  Luciano & Yumiko, Italy

Parties in Japan

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Warning!  If you are married and posing as unmarried, be aware that you could be guilty of fraud and subject to civil and criminal penalties including heavy fines and jail sentences. TMA reserves the right to report violators to law enforcement authorities and seek prosecution and/or civil redress to the fullest extent of the law.
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No man's profile will be posted on the TMA website without permission.
To be accepted, you must submit 3-5 good photos of yourself. Profiles submitted with less than 3 photos cannot be processed.
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